Satin Season

Yasss I’m loving satin at the moment, and ordered this bomber as soon as I saw it, the fit is amazing too! I just wish the weather would warm up as I currently can only wear it inside!

I wanted to keep the whole colour of this outfit quite minimal, as the grey satin is already enough. I put on my favourite nude bodysuit (totally yeezy style) and put on my trusty skinny jeans with the added biker details.

Since the outfit wasn’t too crazy I decided to add in the leather watch to give it some more detail all together. I loved how perfectly the watch matched my outfit too, really works with the satin. You can get 15% off your order with code: CARA15 at Rossbanna 🙂







What I wore:

Slinky bodysuit: Missguided

Biker Jeans: Missguided

Bomber Jacket: H&M

Watch: Rossbanna


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