Yasss… finally got myself a Thrasher tee! I’ve been seeing these all over insta and I thought they would be so fun to style up.

I chose to get a black one because I really wanted to style it with my new denim jeans, which are the perfect colour!

I wasn’t sure which choker to add to this outfit since I have so many, but I saw my denim one and grabbed it straight away because it really tied the whole outfit together. Since denim is such a huge trend this season, I thought it was appropriate.

It was so cold shooting this, I just had to add on my trusty black hoody! I haven’t worn these boots in a while but I saw them and instantly thought they would look good with the jeans!




What I Wore:

Thrasher T-shirt: Ebay

Denim Jeans: NA-KD

Choker: Ebay

Boots: EGO (similar)


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