Holiday feels 

It’s only been a week and I still have the holiday blues! I spent a week in Tenerife and it was so nice to get out of the rubbish UK weather… Where is our summer!

I really stuck to neutral colours for my outfits despite being in a very colour place! I think I wore my cap almost everyday too.

I got some Nike sliders especially for this holiday, they were just so comfy and easy wearing with my outfits! I also loved to wear basic runner shorts on holiday, I was all about keeping it casual in the daytime.

I was such a typical Brit on holiday and just had to get braids! Mainly because it meant I didn’t have to do anything to my hair when I woke up. They lasted for three days until I went to Siam Waterpark and they got too wet!

On a side note, the Zara at Siam Mall was so good, I had to be careful not to overspend there! The mall in general was really nice, it didn’t have a roof and we sat outside with a really good cup of coffee.

What I wore

White top: Topshop

Black shorts: Bershka

New Era cap: ASOS

Nike Huaraches: ASOS

Cream shorts: Primark

Sunglasses: Bravura Boutique


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